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Join Groups & Explore 

Group Events

  Come together, make new friends

Join groups and explore fun together.

Sprash group events

Camping Events

Let's go camping

Let's explore the wilderness every weekend.

Sprash camping events

Music Events

Let's hear it loud...

Concerts that make you go crazy, let's connect to cheer-together.

Join Groups
Sprash music events

Hiking Events

Let's hike

Hiking is an adventure, meet the hikies and get on a hike

Sparsh Hiking events

High-tea Events

Make your mornings / evenings special

Join groups of your interest and engage with members to find out what you can do together.

Sprash high-tea events


Hit the pubs together, let's rock

You need a companion for the night, find one here in Sparsh groups.

Sprash party events

Fitness Events

Stroll for a walk or hit the gym

Meet fitness freaks and workout healthier realtionships

Sparsh fitnes events

Biking Events

Biker's den

Who dont love a bike, and a them and ride on...

Sparsh biking events
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