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Customers Speak

Happy Man


hasslefree booking, exceptional service delivery, expert therapists is what I get when I book from myfrisby. Kudos guys

man 3


everything organized, minimum calls, excellent therapists and happy ending...feeling relaxed. thanks myfrisby

Young Man


absolutely amazing, a reliable partner to book massage/spa services in Bangalore. I'ma regular buyer now..thanks team

Smiling Man


wow, an amazing lineup of therapists, great centers, and a happy ending...all I got from myfrisby. 

man 4


I'm a big fan of Sparsh Engage series of events. been to 3 events and it was fun. 

Headshot of Mid Adult Man


Attended New Year event and it was fun.

Bearded Businessman


I'm a regular spa services user and it has been excellent whenever I've booked here. 

Outdoor Portrait


Great services, no nonsense and just fun and relaxation. Loved it

Indian Man


most trusted place for events, spa and relaxation since 2 years and I enjoy every time.

Indian Man


good experience so far, trustworthy portal for spa and events booking. Enjoyed it

Man in Front of Window


my go to portal for spa services, easy and excellent service delivery always.

Smiling Man


an app will ease the booking, but overall been an excellent service provider since a year. 

Man with Piercings


good services, trustworthy and easy to book. always had good experience. 

Young Man


the portal is useful and been good, couple of times had bad experience with their partner spa or its team, but customer support took it up quickly and resolved always. Good job

Portrait of Businessman

rajeev randhava

its been good portal overall , team are always helpful and bookings are always taken care well.

Studio Portrait


been to an engage event and could not enjoy much, but spa services have always been excellent. tq

Portrait of Smiling Woman


trustworthy, dependable service provider. I was referred to a good spa and therapist. It was a good experience.   

Bollywood Actress


it was a pleasant experience with myfrisby, I am happy for the service and the therapist was good. thanks 

Happy Woman


I booked my spa / massage through myfrisby and it was a good and happy experience. thanks myfrisby

Female Soccer Coach


for a sports person like me, it was a good platform to book massage/spa service from myfrisby. easy to book and reliable & trustworthy therapists.

Squash Player


I'm happy with the zumba and dance classes I've taken through myfrisby and its been easy and good.


excellent spa services, been regular customer and had safe and well behaved therapists always.

good looking indian girl with bindi and


I had good experience with myfrisby. good and affordable services


excellent service providers, good experience so far. Parties are fun

good looking indian girl in v neck t shi


dependable and affordable, always use ur services myfrisby

good looking girl with big breast and ni


always provided me with great experience and service providers, my go to place for relaxation therapies after my shoots

good looking indian girl in dupatta with


I have been using the services since 1 year and it was affordable and events are fun

good looking indian girl in round neck t


good services, trustworthy partners and had always good results.


I had good experiences with myfrisby. good website to book spa and zumba classes


I booked from Salem and I had good experience with them. easy to book and many payment options. 

good looking indian girl in track suite.


I booked Zumba and spa and it was all good. thank you myfrisby team


love parties and attend all sparsh engage events and I enjoy the company and all are good

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