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Community Guidelines

myfrisby Community Guidelines are a mark of its business ethics and a means of keeping the platform clean. Every user is expected to follow the below, any breach will result in a ban of the user.

Community Guidelines 


Welcome to the myfrisby family! When using myfrisby, you’re making a promise that you won’t be rude, offensive, sinister, or anything that doesn’t hurt or endanger other members of our family! When using myfrisby, you’re making a promise to be polite, respectful, safe, patient, and understanding. We hold everyone (newcomers and veterans of myfrisby) to the same standards in order to keep our app clean, honest, and most importantly, safe for everybody! 

We have prepared a short list of Yes and No behavioral traits to follow in order to get the most out of myfrisby! Remember, you’re in charge of yourself and how you act, not of other people, so treat others as you wish to be treated! 


Impersonating Other Users 


Impersonation is a BIG one! Any dating app you go on you’ll find that people aren’t always who they say they are. Telltale signs that someone isn’t who they say they are can be found here It is always important to be open, honest, and transparent with yourself and the people you match with; after all, we’re all looking for love, aren’t we? 


Those Pesky Scammers 

This one can tie in with Impersonation. Scammers love to impersonate other people, to lull people into a false sense of security in order to get close to them and ask for services or financial help. myfrisby has a zero-policy rule on scammers, and if caught, are immediately and permanently banned from myfrisby. Take your time, think with clarity, and never rush into anything. 

In addition, scammers often attempt to have you communicate off the app so that they can operate outside of our jurisdiction. Never send anything to people that ask for it, regardless of how emotional their stories or claims are - a dating app is never the place to seek help. Be smart and report these accounts to us. 


Prostitution and Trafficking 

Acts and attempts to prostitute or traffic in any sense of the word is illegal and forbidden and will not be tolerated on Myfrisby in any fashion - doing so will incur a permanent ban on myfrisby and possible police/federal repercussions. 


Promoting and Solicitation 

Ads find us everywhere - solicitation pops up everywhere, too; we don’t need it on a dating app! Be it promoting businesses, political campaigns, environmental activism, profit, non-for-profit, contests of any sort - anything of the sort will breach our terms and conditions and will result in a permanent ban from Myfrisby. 


Under the Age of 18 

Being of the legal age of consent is another BIG one. You must be 18+ to use myfrisby. You cannot select an age below 18 and it is simply not allowed. We encourage anyone using myfrisby to report any account that has a photo of any persons that are under 18 or people that claim to be below 18. Reporting these accounts is the right thing to do for their sake. 


Keeping Personal Information Private 

This one falls on you, the user: if the information someone is asking for is personal, treat it as such. Just because someone is online doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous. It’s always important to tell people you trust specific information without putting yourself or friends and loved ones in danger. 

Take your time, be patient, learn to learn the person you’re speaking to, then make a judgment call when you’re well and ready. Never rush into things! 


Copyright Infringement 

People want to see you, not somebody else. Do not take photos of other people, places, brands, advertisements, or anything else if it isn’t you or your own. 

Be real, be you, and only YOU. 


Nobody Likes A Spammer 

Everybody hates spam - don’t be a spammer and spam the heck out of people. Keep your messages concise and sensible. 

In addition, never attempt to divert people to external websites, applications, phone numbers, or places - this will result in a permanent ban. 


One Person Per Myfrisby Account 

This one’s really very simple: if there is only one you, there should only be one account. One account keeps everything simple, clean, and downright easier for everyone! 


Third-Party Applications 

External applications that are made by any developing company that isn’t App Studio that offer premium deals, auto-swiping mechanics, and too-good-to-be-true items and options are false and can result in a permanent ban. 

We’re always on the look-out for third party application usage! 


Illegal Activity 

We all know what is and isn’t illegal, which is why we wouldn’t do it in real life. Keep our digital streets clean, buddy! 



We all know what harassment is, what it entails, and why it occurs sometimes. In case we don’t, harassment is: Discriminatory harassment (be it based on religion, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, lifestyle choice, etc.) 


Threatening physical or bodily harm 

Creating multiple accounts in order to match with somebody and message them repeatedly Using personal details obtained from a user to continually contact them despite them saying no 

Even outside behaviour can result in penalties on myfrisby. Be kind, and if there are any problems you can always contact us directly at for any resolutions needed! 


Threatening Violence or Physical Harm 

Meeting with someone from Myfrisby can be a dream come true - we all get butterflies and feel that indescribable feeling of excitement, but if things don’t go the way you expect them to, that is no excuse to be violent or threaten physical harm. 

We will not tolerate any form of threat, gory graphic, human or animal abuse, or intimidating content on Myfrisby. These acts of violence are strictly prohibited. 

If you communicate with someone that talks of suicide or self-harm, you can report the user to us and we can take clear and concise steps to get them the help they need. 

If in doubt, speak out. 


Hate Speech 

This includes but is not limited to: violence against individuals or groups regarding race, religion, age, ethnicity, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity, or lifestyle choices. It also includes any form of bigotry, hatred, violence, or threats of any kind. 

If you have nothing nice to say, simply unmatch with that user and search for someone else. 


Nudity / Sexual Content 

This one’s pretty easy: be presentable and respectable. Keep it clean, keep it neat, but don’t put up displays of graphic, sexual content - let’s keep it sensible, shall we? We all know what we’re talking about here, both boys and girls.Violating this will result in the photo being removed by us. Third strike will result in a permanent ban. 


Account Inactivity 

Last but not least, if your account is left inactive for beyond a year, we may delete this account. There’s nothing more unsatisfying than matching with someone… only to learn that they’re inactive or, based on assumption, ignoring you. 

Let’s be respectful of the footprint we leave behind, people. 


Let’s Keep myfrisby Clean! 

With everything above said, let’s keep Myfrisby a clean, transparent, and happy place to meet new and exciting people to change our lives. Be it looking for love, a quick fling, strong and unfounded friendship, let’s report any and all bad practices we come across so everyone, in the end, is happy and finds what they’re looking for! 

For any help, guidance, or specific requests or questions, you can reach us at

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